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Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd

Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd is registered as Infrastructure Provider Category I (IP-I) to establish and maintain the assets such as Dark Fibers, Right of Way, Duct Space and Tower for the purpose to grant on lease/rent/sale basis to the licensees of Telecom Services licensed under Section 4 of Indian Telegraph Act,1885 on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

In view of the rapid changes in the Internet Service industry in the Mumbai region, Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd offers strategic solutions especially designed to meet the client's needs across a wide range of sectors: consumers, small firms, government, semi-government, non-profit, businesses and others.

Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd Network provides total e-business solutions, develops internet leased lines, and designs and manages professional networks, portals & interactive communities.

Our professional team at Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd Network, first listens to the client's needs, and then utilizes the best new technologies to build significantly tailored solutions meet the utmost clients' requirements, helping them to secure a competitive edge in an increasingly changing global market. We rely on the clients' success through our solutions as the measure of our own success.

Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd Network has remarkably assisted numerous organizations in the development and implementation of their Internet strategies.

Founded in 2008, Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd Network has grown rapidly to become a leading presence in the field within the Cable and Internet Industry.

From the start, Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd Network was keen to establish world-class alliances with IT leaders to add additional value to our services presented to customers.

Research and development form an essential part of our activities. We make sure to offer our valued customers only the best selected solutions, supported by impartial recommendations from several sources.

Gigabytes Broadband Pvt Ltd Network team comprises highly-qualified technical staff. Their skills cover all aspects required to provide integrated IT solutions. In addition to that, the management team has extensive experience in the IT field.


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